What do you like about being single?

I do really love being single because I don’t love having to coordinate and I don’t like having to ask to do things. I like the independence a lot. That’s probably the only really amazing thing about single.


Are you there any obstacles you’ve experienced while dating?

Giving up my independence was really hard within my last relationship. According to my partner, giving enough and serving him was seemingly insufficient. I disagreed, so that could be a perspective difference. I think I just needed more independence and I was more self-reliant than they were. I think also my urge for freedom extends to my sex life. I wanted an open relationship and my partner did not. That caused issues as well.


If you could give one piece of advice about being single what would it be?

For me, I enjoy it. I have the ability to focus on things that I wasn’t able to focus on in the relationship. Relationships take up a lot of time and energy and compromise, and a certain way of being. Not being in a relationship allows me to focus my energy on other areas of my life. I don’t necessarily prioritize relationships above all else. I think there’s a dynamic relationship between all the different areas of my life. So I don’t think that being single is an issue or a problem. Being single can allow you to explore hobbies and creative interest and other things you may want to be focusing your time on.