laura, 25—  SINGLE


What do you like about being single?

I don’t have to base my life decisions on anyone else.


What’s difficult about dating and being single?

Timing. In general, this is a hard city to date in (NYC). Everyone feels really disposable to each other and everyone is using apps. Also everyone works all the time. I’m in New York for work and my career is my focus. Dating is a side project that maybe happens but then I’ve got a million friends that I want to hangout with all the time. When do you fit it in? You have to find someone you like enough to prioritize them over all that. 


What advice do you have for other single people?

I guess you just have to be open minded to meeting new people in different circumstances. You don’t know when you’re going to meet someone that could be a partner. Being open minded is important and not getting bogged down in being single as a positive or a negative, it’s just how it is.