We met while working as psychology trainees in a VA hospital and were randomly assigned to co-lead a psychotherapy group together. As luck would have it, we quickly discovered we made a great team! As friends and colleagues, we shared our own challenges of maintaining romantic relationships through grad school and contemplated the emerging complexities our generation faces around romance. Through conversations with one another, our colleagues, and friends, we saw a need for a forum with easy-to-understand relationship education based in mental health and science. 



People no longer live within the neatly drawn lines of “single”, “taken”, “gay”, “straight”, or even “male” or “female” as done in generations before. More than ever, identity markers once thought to be integral to an individual’s sense of self have been shucked in favor of the belief that people are never “one size fits all”: fluidity in all its forms is the name of the game and finally, there’s place where people can access literature that pertains to them, is written in their language, and from their perspective. 

LOVELINK facilitates a new and unique experience for the young person navigating the often-nebulous waters of love and sex. We set out to create an educational experience that would feel specific to the millennial reader but also from a foundation of science-based knowledge and we are excited to share this with everyone as reader and therapist alike strive to find greater fulfillment in love and sex.



Simone Humphrey, PsyD, is a therapist and co-founder of LOVELINK. Currently, Simone works at Therapists of New York, a private practice in midtown, Manhattan. She graduated from Rutgers University with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and specializes in working with couples and survivors of trauma. Initially an undergraduate film major, Simone has a passion for developing creative and unconventional ways to promote mental health and wellbeing.


Signe Simon, PhD, is a therapist and co-founder of LOVELINK. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, Signe has lived in New York City for over a decade. She graduated from Fordham University with a doctoral degree in counseling psychology and received her BFA in film and television from New York University. Signe teaches graduate students and works with individuals, groups, and couples. She is currently in private practice at 244 Fifth Avenue (between 27th and 28th Street), 10th Floor. For more information visit signesimon.com. In a world that is increasingly disconnected and distracted, Signe has committed herself to focusing on the healing power of relationships.



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