A Therapist’s Guide to Modern Love, Sex, and Identity

Many millennials are choosing to ditch gender identifiers like male and female, and shed labels like singletakengay, or straight. They’re shucking them in favor of fluidity—the belief that one’s deeply personal sense of gender, sexuality, or in-relationship identity can be more elusive and shifting than previous generations acknowledged. We’ll explore how working with fluid millennial clients can be both enlightening and challenging for older therapists, especially when helping them navigate issues of intimacy, love, and sex. In this workshop, led by two millennial therapists, you'll discover:

What to expect?

  • How millennials approach romantic love differently, including the challenge of committing to relationships despite the endless options of dating apps, and squaring desire for independence and self-discovery with commitment needs
  • The qualities that millennials most value in therapists, like directness and self-disclosure, and how to embody them
  • How to truly connect with millennial clients by speaking their distinctive language, which includes tinderbumbleghostingbenching, and breadcrumbing


LOCATION: Washington DC

DATE: Saturday, March 24th


Hold Me Tight:
The quick and dirty version to enhancing your love

Register for an intensive 5 hour workshop, with a one hour break, that will give you knowledge and tools to help improve communication and intimacy in your relationship. Through our workshop you will learn to identify and heal the patterns that trigger conflict and disconnection. You will affirm what you are already doing well and how you can enhance your relationship. Our approach incorporates experiential exercises with lecture and group discussion based on Emotion Focused Therapy, an evidence based couples treatment that has shown to significantly improve and deepen relationships.


What to expect?

  • Deepen connection and intimacy
  • Understanding negative patterns in your relationship 
  • Improve your communication
  • Leave with a renewed relationship map to keeping your love alive! 

Who is the workshop for?

  • New couples in love
  • Engaged or newlywed
  • Long term/married couples 
  • Feeling stuck and craving intimacy
  • Dealing with relational conflict
  • Deepening connection
  • Getting to know one another even better 




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CUSTOM workshopS

We hold custom Hold Me Tight relationship education workshops on college campuses, high schools, LGBTQ organizations, churches, and more. Please contact us below if you are interested in having us conduct the Hold Me Tight workshop at your facility or organization.