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Choice and Commitment in the Digital Age

Date: March 21-24, 2019

Location: Washington D.C. — Psychotherapy Networker Conference

Bombarded by images of personal perfection, relational fulfillment, and seemingly endless life choices, many young people today feel paralyzed by fears of making the wrong decision. From committing to a partner to choosing a satisfying career, clients who’ve grown up in the digital age often struggle with a sense of being stuck while trying to create a “perfect” life. This state of lingering confusion and uncertainty can result in depression, shame, and a deep sense of inadequacy, further preventing clients from bringing forth their inner resources in making important life decisions. In this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Assessment tools to identify the psychological impact of social media

  • Insight-oriented and experiential interventions to help clients listen to their authentic selves and minimize the noise of social pressures

  • A protocol for helping clients gain clarity and feel more confident in their decisions

  • Ways to help clients compassionately accept their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations to guide their decision making  




Sue Johnson's Hold Me Tight Online Program

Dr. Sue Johnson presents her online relationship enhancement program based on her approach, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. Taken from 30 years of positive research results on relationship repair and connection, this online program will help you to feel closer to your partner, build confidence in your relationship, and bring clarity to how to turn conflict into connection. You and your partner will complete 8 episodes that include:

  • Teaching segments guided by Sue

  • Short lectures from multiple experts

  • "Check-In Quizzes"

  • Video clips to learn from real and animated couples

  • Self-paced exercises guided by Sue

  • Supportive text messages

Program is $297 for you and your partner.


CUSTOM workshopS

We hold custom Hold Me Tight relationship education workshops on college campuses, high schools, LGBTQ organizations, churches, and more. Please contact us below if you are interested in having us conduct the Hold Me Tight workshop at your facility or organization.